hotel đerdan kraljevo

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Đerdan Hotel is located 3 kilometres from the centre of Kraljevo, about 10 minutes drive through. Hotel Đerdan and Žica monastery are located at a distance less than 1 kilometer. In the vicinity of the racing car track Beranovac, Vrnjacka spa, Mataruška spa, Maglic old town, the monastery Studenica. Đerdan restaurant was built in 1982. year. Later, there emerged a modern hotel. If you visit Kraljevo, there are Žica monastery and a hotel Đerdan for your perfect vacation.

The facility has 19 beds at 9 rooms with bathrooms. All rooms and suites are equipped with telephones, cable television, broadband connections for internet, air-conditioners. In addition to this, facility has restaurant with about 150 seats, the business hall, board room, the coffee club with 30 seats. There is garage and 12 parking places. Room service works 24 hours a day, and it is always ready to please our guests.

Phone : +38136 817 417, +38136 817 350, +38136 816 250